Check if you qualify

Your super could be your safety net.

If you’ve been injured or suffer from an illness that prevents you from working, you may be entitled to a payout from your superannuation insurance.

You may be entitled to:

  • A monthly income payment
  • A lump-sum payment from one or more super funds
  • Payment of a terminal illness lump sum

Lump-sum claims can range from a few thousand dollars to a million dollars, depending on the policy.

Who is entitled to a claim?

It doesn’t matter how your injury or illness came about. You may have a claim through your super if:

  • You have suffered an injury or illness that prevents you from working; and
  • You have insurance for income protection or total and permanent disablement through your super
  • You need to have been off work for three consecutive months and are permanently unfit for your usual employment (TPD only).

Where do your benefits come from?

Your employer pays contributions into your superannuation fund.

  • Many superannuation funds provide insurance for illness or injury resulting in total and permanent disability.
  • If you meet the right conditions (and can navigate the complex process of making a claim), you will be paid your benefits.

We help to connect you to the benefits you’re entitled to, hassle-free.

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