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Partner with Claimsplus Lawyers: Join Our Mission

At Claimsplus Lawyers, we’re dedicated to a powerful mission: informing Australians about potential life-changing financial entitlements and guiding them through the claim process. Our extensive partner network, comprising organisations and professionals who trust us to extend specialised super-claim support to their clients and patients, is vital in this endeavour.

Collaborate With Us:

  • Law Firms & Solo Practitioners: Leverage our specialised expertise to broaden your client services.
  • Non-Profit Organizations: Partner with us to enhance your impact on community financial support.
  • Government Support Entities: Provide an essential financial resource for individuals facing post-injury or illness challenges.
  • Executors & Administrators: Secure essential entitlements efficiently for estates and beneficiaries.
  • Medical & Support Service Providers: Offer your patients a path to financial stability during challenging times.
  • Life Insurance Brokers & Family Planners: Integrate super claim solutions for comprehensive financial planning.
  • Various Industry Groups & Associations: Expand your support services with our targeted expertise.

Super claim payouts can significantly ease the financial burden for those unable to work. By partnering with Claimsplus Lawyers, you contribute to this meaningful relief.

Connect and Make a Difference

If your clients or patients could benefit from our specialised services, please call us at 02 7252 1881. Our collaboration can be the key to unlocking their superannuation and insurance entitlements.

Understanding and Fairness at Every Step

At Claimsplus Lawyers, we’re more than just legal experts; we’re your trusted partners, committed to fairness and understanding in every interaction. We recognise the uniqueness of each client’s situation and approach every case with the care and respect it deserves.

Claim Now, Pay On Success®: Begin the journey with confidence. Your clients won’t pay upfront fees with us. Our success-based fee model aligns our efforts with their successful outcome, demonstrating our commitment to their cause.

Fair Fee Guarantee: We stand for financial transparency. Our straightforward fee structure ensures your clients are fully informed about costs from the beginning, eliminating surprises and building trust.

Dedicated Personal Support:
Every client is given our full attention and customised assistance. We are attentive, understanding, and proactive in meeting their needs thoroughly at every stage of the process.

We promise simplicity, fairness, and a compassionate approach in all our client engagements.

We strive to raise awareness among Australians about their potential superannuation and insurance entitlements, aiming to change lives for the better.